Your SysOps, Chrisco and Sam, met in 1980something on BBS’.  We believe it was “Hello World” BBS based in McGregor, Texas.  That BBS was running on a TRS-80 Model IV (using TBBS software?)

Somewhere around 1991, Chrisco started his BBS which was named THE NEXUS.  Based in McGregor, Texas, it was based on a Tandy Color Computer 3 running CoBBS at 2400 baud.  With 3 disc drives, it was running a whopping 1.3mb of space and at the time was one of the largest BBS’ in the Waco, Texas area.  Unfortunately shortly thereafter Chrisco started spending time with a girl and that BBS became history……… bummer…..


However, in 2016, Chrisco and Sam kept talking about how much they miss “nerding out”.  Remembering those days before wives, kids and real jobs, they kept talking about when they would stay up all night long working on the BBS, tweaking out the software code in BASIC and waiting for the phone to ring.  My how times have changed.  This project is the result of missing the old days.