Let’s face it, we’re old.  Old enough to remember life before a GUI.  We’re old enough to remember what life was like before Microsoft Windows.  We’re old enough to remember when 300 baud was fast.  4k was enough and 128k was almost unheard of.  We’re old enough to remember when the best way to get software was to get a magazine subscription, spend all day typing in a program from the magazine and then hoping your mother wouldn’t unplug the computer – only because we didn’t have a disc drive or tape drive to save everything on.


Times have changed and we’ve become older.  Sure, there’s some gray hair, but there’s still that kid inside of us.  That kid loved the command line.  Text painted all the pictures we needed.  We remember it and we’ve missed it.  Until now.


Introducing TOTALLY NERD.  It’s where the command line still lives.  It’s part BBS (look on WikiPedia if you don’t know what that is) and part shell account (again, WikiPedia if you’re not old enough). TOTALLY NERD is the fusion of information, experimentation, learning and entertainment and it’s all based on Linux (if you don’t know what Linux is, please click here to set your computer on fire).


TELNET:    totallynerd.com

SSH:          totallynerd.com

GOPHER: totallynerd.com

WEB:        http://www.totallynerd.com:8080